Apartment Hunting

For the past six months, my husband and I have been looking for an apartment to rent. As we started our journey, we were optimistic that we would find a place to live. We soon found out that the place we would be moving to is completely out of our price range. We knew that if we wanted to find a place to live, we would have to know some people in that area. We don’t have many friends or family in the area we’re moving to, so we turned to Facebook. We figured someone would have friends or family in the area. In that first attempt, we ended up becoming acquainted with a few people who lived in the area, and they told us that they would keep their eyes open for us. Doing research on apartments became my full time job. I would look up the safety of neighborhoods, compare specifications of each apartment, and call the complexes for more information. As we figured out how much we could afford, we became discouraged. You see, my husband is approaching student teaching as an elementary education major, and it is highly encouraged that the student teacher does NOT work during that time. Those who have worked have either ended up quitting their job or dropped out of student teaching, which cannot be retaken. This complicates the situation when looking for housing. The majority of the apartments we looked at required twice to three times the amount of income to the cost of rent. For example: if the cost of rent is $900, the total income of the household has to be at least $1,800 a month, or $2,700 a month. In that neighborhood, it’s hard to find anything cheaper than $900 a month, especially for a 2 or 3 bedroom apartment. We started looking at other options. I couldn’t imagine that anyone would give our family of 5 the rate of a studio or 1 bedroom apartment. We then thought that maybe my husband should go by himself. The kids and I could stay with family who live about 4 hours away, and my husband could find a room to rent. Financially, this would make the most sense, but it didn’t feel right. There had to be a way that our family could stay together. I continued looking for a place for our family, but I became doubtful that we would find anything. Then I had heard from one of our friends who had moved to that area a couple years ago. They said that there was a family they knew who would be willing to let my husband stay with them. This put our minds at ease because we knew that whatever happened, we would have places to live. A little while later, we had the opportunity to go visit the neighborhood, and we fell in love with it. Although the city is quite busy, this suburb is peaceful and safe. This reignited my desire to get all of us there. I went back to looking up apartments full time. I went on an emotional roller coaster getting my hopes up and then being disappointed. Today I was about to throw in the towel and just have my husband go by himself, but when I was about to give up, I received a phone call. It was by someone who was renting an apartment just around the corner from where the school was. It was at the right price, and the landlord seems to be flexible with our financial situation. We haven’t signed a contract yet, but we are much closer than we ever have been before. I am writing about this because I’m living proof that we can all accomplish great things when we don’t give up. Don’t let doubt stop you from reaching your goals.As much as you may want to throw in the towel, your goal is reached when you stretch yourself and just push through the challenges you have.


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