Preparing to Move

The past week has been super exhausting. My husband is finishing up his last semester before his internship, and we’ll be moving in a few weeks. I remember when we first got married, and moving into our new apartment was so easy. Then with each child, it has become increasingly more difficult. Today I started the last phase of a repair in my children’s room. They had put a hole in the wall, and I had fixed it, but never painted it. Then the children decided that playing with poop would be a fun way to paint. As I cleaned off the poop, the spackle had come off as well. I had to re-spackle, which took a few days, because at the moment the wall would be smooth, one of my children would stick their finger in it. I had closed off the room, but they managed to still get into the room and put their fingers in it. Well, today I finally was able to sand the wall and apply the first coat of paint. I didn’t realize I had grabbed oil based paint, and when I was done applying the coat, I tried washing my hands, only to realize that my hands were now waterproof! So I had to look up how to remove the paint. In case anyone is wondering, you use olive oil first, then use dishsoap on your hands, and use mineral oil for your paint brushes and rollers. I had heard really good things about lemon essential oil, and I recently got into the essential oil movement. So I decided to try and remove the paint from the faucet using lemon oil, and it came off! I love discovering uses for essential oil because I feel accomplished on those days! So once I finished cleaning up the paint, I noticed how fumy the room had become. This meant I had to close off the room, put a fan in the window (which made it cold), and keep the kids occupied while the paint dries. The biggest struggle was creating a consequence for their wrong actions. Most of the time, if they need some time to calm down, I send them to their room. If they get into things they’re not supposed to, I send them to their room. Having their room closed off has forced me to find alternative methods. Trying to get anything done with toddlers is a challenge. For everything I got done, there were at least 3 things destroyed. I can’t wait to have everything done so I can start over. Hopefully we can downsize enough so that we can be super organized when we get to our new place.


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