God Loves Us!

This past week has been crazy. Last Sunday, I had a nervous breakdown. The days previous, I had been unpacking and finding places for things. I had prepared my husband to start his internship, getting his clothes ironed and ready to go, preparing his meals, etc. I have been looking for a job, and all of my attempts of networking through Facebook ended up as a futile mission. I would love to do something with my degree, but most of those jobs are during the day, and my husband’s internship is during the day. I had asked around about job opportunities that are better than working fast food, and I was criticized. An acquaintance had completely chewed me out for being too picky and that beggers can’t be choosers. I am not too good for fast food, but I was asking if anyone knew of anything else. My next post was asking about fast food jobs, and then many people had commented saying I can do better than that. By that point, I decided that I needed a break from Facebook. You can’t please everyone, and I was sick of all the negativity. I decided I didn’t need that while I was already stressed trying to get things settled.

The first few days were a little tough, but I can say that I have gone an entire week without getting onto Facebook, and I really haven’t missed it. Those that are in my life who actually matter know how to get a hold of me. So what did I do instead of getting onto Facebook? I updated my resume. I submitted a few job applications. I had a job interview, which I will find out in a few days if I got the position. I spent more time with my children. I unpacked more boxes and got organized. I folded our mountain of laundry. I bought a few chairs so when people stop by, they have a place to sit. I have noticed that when I have a productive day, I am happier. This week without Facebook has been much better.

Today as I went to church, we were singing a hymn focused on our Savior Jesus Christ, and I felt an overwhelming feeling that God loves me. He knows everything I’m going through. He loves each and every one of us. Jesus Christ suffered not only for our sins, but for all of our pains and afflictions.

My Facebook friends don’t know my situation and it’s easy to make a judgement call based on the little bit they know. But Jesus Christ knows me and He knows all of the details of my situation. Instead of going to my Facebook friends for answers, I should turn my questions to God through prayer. He knows what the right answer is for me.

I’m thinking I may try and go another week without Facebook. Maybe I can come closer to Christ without the distraction of looking at everyone else’s lives. Who’s with me? 🙂


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