Dealing with Disappointment and Discouragement

Well, I’m back on Facebook… and I’ve been more depressed. It might be that I feel less productive. What brought me back to Facebook was when my husband informed me that where my brother works will be closing their doors and going out of business. His wife lost her job as well. I felt like I needed to find job openings for him and his wife. This is all the while that I’m still looking for employment. Looking at how time consuming my husband’s internship is turning out to be, I can’t see how I can possibly work outside the home. I’m torn with what I should do. Logically I should find a job to support my husband. But my heart tells me I need to stay home, which leads me to the question of how it would work out. As a side note, nobody contacted me about the job I interviewed for. I guess I should have contacted them, but my heart still tells me to stay home. I think the hardest is facing those who have been trying to help me find a job and tell them I still don’t have a job. This is a scattered post, but I have to follow my heart.


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