Is it Worth the Investment?

I just finished watching a video on a business opportunity to buy clothes at wholesale prices and sell at retail prices. The concept makes sense. If you want to get ahead, you must sell for more than you bought it for. However, the initial startup cost is $5,000. So what does someone who doesn’t have $5,000 do? I understand that every business requires an investment, but how does one get ahead when they’re broke? I’ve been fairly successful with doing online garage sales, but it seems like it would take forever to reach $5,000. I guess I’m just frustrated that in order to get money, you must have money. I guess that’s where conventional jobs come into the picture. But for someone like me, all of my paycheck would go to daycare for my children. Is it just my lot in life to live in poverty? Am I just supposed to survive, or will there ever be a time that we’ll thrive? Anyway, I guess for those who can afford the investment, they should invest, then work their way up. What I need to do is have a plan. I think I would do well having my own thrift store. Maybe I could look into an option like that. Hmm…


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