I’m the type of person who likes to be real and genuine. That was part of the reason I began blogging. However, I have noticed that sometimes I’m not honest with myself. Sometimes I claim to be doing more than I actually do as a stay at home mom. I tend to be lazy, then blame the mess on the kids. The kids definitely had something to do with the mess, but if I was truly motivated to clean, it would get done. I find that if I know someone is coming to my home, I clean up pretty quickly. So why don’t I have that motivation to clean like that on a regular basis? I know it doesn’t take long, and I can feel peace rather than stress when the house is clean. So why do I put myself through all that stress of being overwhelmed by the mess? That’s a good question.

Another example of self deception could be making unrealistic expectations or goals for myself. I know it won’t all get done, so why am I torturing myself?

The other day, I caught up with an old friend from elementary school. He had become pretty successful in real estate, and I decided I would explain more of my situation to him. He was honest, and recommended that I should wait a little longer before attempting to buy a house. My husband had been daydreaming of staying in this wonderful neighborhood we live in, and I told my husband what my old friend had said. He seemed a little crushed, but it was a good opportunity to be brought back down to earth.

I think owning up to what is really going on is the best way to go. Chances are that we won’t be able to stay in this area. Accepting that fact helps to be able to make level-headed rational decisions.


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