It’s Just Chocolate!

A few years ago, shortly after my husband and I got married, I had made pumpkin chocolate chip cupcakes. I thought they were done, but the chocolate chips hadn’t melted all the way through, so when I would eat some, the chocolate chips would fall. That evening, there had been a chocolate chip that somehow had fallen on my leg and stayed there. The on-site manager for our apartment had stopped by to introduce himself, and he had noticed the chocolate chip and asked “what’s that?” And without thinking, I said “oh, it’s just chocolate,” and I picked it up and ate it. Later I realized what it probably looked like to him, and I’m sure he was appalled when I ate it. Even if he thought it was chocolate, it’s kind of disgusting to eat chocolate off your leg.

I had a flashback of this event today as I was cleaning up Nutella out of the carpet that the kids had smeared. I then thought of a deeper meaning to the whole situation.

Sometimes we have rough days, and it seems like nothing will get better. But when we take a step back, we realize that those things that may frustrate us in the moment will one day be something we’ll laugh about. Perhaps those little things weren’t worth getting upset over after all.


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