The Power is Out!

Today we had a power outage that lasted a few hours. It went out while I was in the bathroom, which tends to always be the case for me. Power outages are a good opportunity to see how prepared you would actually be in the case of an emergency. I didn’t know how long the power would be out, so I didn’t use my phone. I didn’t want the battery to die. The kids were hungry, and since I have an electric range, I couldn’t cook anything. I couldn’t use any of the appliances that I take for granted. I ended up opening a can of fruit cocktail to feed the kids. I realized that I don’t have many canned goods that are ready to eat when you open it.

The biggest struggle was keeping the kids occupied. They have tablets that they watch videos on, but with the power out, there was no wifi,  and no videos. I had to think of my childhood before technology took over our lives. I had a flashback of playing card games with my mom, and singing songs while my mom would play the guitar. So that’s what I did. And you know what? I noticed that the kids were happier. Technology cannot replace quality time. Children need parents’ time and attention. If we don’t raise them, the ever shifting values of the world will raise them, and I don’t want to see that result.


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