Unexpected Answers

My husband and I have been praying and doing research on what we need to do. We have come to a decision that is the most difficult decision to make. We will be moving across the country to be closer to my husband’s family. Leading up to this decision, my husband had interviewed where we currently live. He gave out twenty five resumes at a career fair about a week ago, and he had received many offers. But they didn’t feel right. I was feeling conflicted because there was a place my husband really liked, but I felt uneasy about it. It wasn’t until we made the decision to move that I started feeling at peace. We don’t have a job offer there yet, but we have given it a lot of prayer, and we have both come to that conclusion. There’s a saying that goes something like this. “If God brings you to it, He’ll see you through it.” And I believe that to be true. I have had many instances in my life where I just had to move forward with the faith that everything will work out.

Well, time to get started on research and applications so we have something to go to when we get to our destination.


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