Everything Works Out How it Should

As an update from the last post, my husband has found a job, and he’s really excited for it.

We were originally thinking of moving in August, but once the internship ended, we didn’t feel like we had a reason to stay where we’re at. We had calculated that the stuff we had would probably fit a 16 foot truck, and we would have to tow our second vehicle. That option would cost around $1500, and wouldn’t include the hotel stays and the gas. As we were considering other options, the thought occurred to us, that two 8 foot trailers might be cheaper. We looked it up, and sure enough, it was significantly cheaper. For the gas for our two vehicles, hotel stays, and the trailers, it would cost around $1000. We then realized that the only thing keeping us where we were was the planned family reunion in August. We then figured that since we would be taking two trips anyway, we would be better off moving sooner rather than later, and then coming back for the reunion.

I’m at peace with this decision. Moving doesn’t make sense financially, but I know that God has a bigger plan for us than we have for ourselves.



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