Well, my last post was about nine months ago, so I feel like I have a lot to write about. But I won’t bore you with all the details. We moved across the country, lived with my in-laws for six months, and I found out I was pregnant. My husband worked at a gas station during the summer, then he started his first teaching job. For a couple of months, he was commuting an hour to work, and an hour back home each day. We hadn’t been actively searching for a house, but there was one that kind of fell in our laps, so we took that opportunity. Just after Christmas, my fourth child was born, and now I am in the process of adjusting to the new normal. I look at everything that happened last year, and I’m somewhat dreading doing my taxes! I mean, my husband was a student, he was unemployed during his student teaching (unpaid internship) experience, we lived in two states, we moved across the country, we were technically homeless, we received public assistance, my husband started three new jobs, I had a baby, we bought a house, I paid interest on student loans, etc. It’s crazy to think that all of that happened to us in one year! Yet, through all of that, we survived,and we were taken care of. We were never late on any of our bills, and we had good enough credit to be able to get a house! Here’s to a new year! God is good!


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