My Life is a Sitcom!

Being a stay at home mom is quite an adventure! There is never a dull moment, and every day is a new challenge. Recently I heard about the Ellen challenge called Ellen Take Me Away. My understanding is that these moms are supposed to submit a video about why they feel like they deserve a break. I’m not sure if I’ll make a video, but the storyboard to my video would look something like this:

(music in the background that begins calm, and gets crazier as it goes along)

My children are artists!

They love to draw and paint! They use just about anything they can find to create the perfect artwork. Among these avenues are:

Pen, pencil, paint, dry erase marker, permanent marker, beans, rice, flour, sugar, drink mix, brownie mix, cake mix, peanut butter, chocolate syrup, eggs, Jello, orange juice, apple juice, milk, chocolate milk corn starch, jelly, honey, marshmallow fluff, dirt, urine, and their favorite… poop!

My children are performers! 

They love playing the piano, guitar, or singing… at the top of their lungs. They love to dress up…or in some cases, dress down.

And though I love them dearly…

It’s days like this (insert snippets of poopy underwear, blowouts, screaming, fighting, crying, running, shouting, doing a combination of different artwork techniques at the same time, etc.)…

That I could surely use a break! Ellen, Take Me Away!!! (end video)

But seriously, I have moments when everything happens at once! The other day, my older son pooped in his underwear, and while I was spraying it with a spray bottle to try and get the chunks in the toilet, the doorbell rang! My hands were covered in poop, so there was no way I would make it to the door. Someone was trying to make a delivery, and the number that was given was my husband’s number. A few minutes after I heard the doorbell ring, my phone rang. It was my husband trying to tell me that I needed to be able to answer the door. He tried calling three times, because I was still working on the poopy mess. I finally called him back, and he arranged for a re-delivery. I feel like that would make for a great sitcom episode!

Yesterday, my hungry newborn daughter had a blowout, and as I was cleaning her up, I realized I had to go to the bathroom. I got her clean, but didn’t have time to put new clothes on her. I put her down, and she started crying. I ran to the bathroom, and I wasn’t paying attention to the bedframe, and my foot ran into the corner and I started bleeding. I couldn’t get a BandAid yet, because I was running to the bathroom. Luckily I made it, but I was sitting there as blood was dripping down the side of my foot, and my phone rang! I finished in the bathroom, but I couldn’t check my phone that was sitting on the bed, because I had to go downstairs and get the first aid kit to get a BandAid. My newborn was still crying in her bassinet, next to a poop spot on the sheet, with nothing on but a diaper. I went downstairs to get the first aid kit, and my other three kids asked me why I was grabbing the first aid kit. My sons followed me up the stairs. I cleaned up the wound and put the BandAid on, but my younger son was pulling out all of the creams and ointments while I was doing so. My newborn was still crying. I went to go get a new sheet to put on her bassinet, and noticed two dirty pairs of underwear that my older son had left on the floor. I grabbed the sheet and clean clothes with one hand, and the underwear with the other hand. I put the underwear in the hamper, and I could finally get my baby into some clean clothes. I changed the sheet, put her in new clothes, and started feeding her. My younger son was still in my bedroom touching things and making messes. I then checked my phone. Luckily it wasn’t an important phone call.

This was a very stressful situation for me, but as I’m writing it all down, I am again reminded that it would make a great sitcom scene!

Sometimes laughter really is the best medicine! It makes life so much more enjoyable!






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