Running Errands

Part of the transition to having another child is getting used to running errands again. Most of the time, I let my husband run the majority of the errands at the end of the day. But every once in a while, I have to go places that are only open during the day, and I have to bring all four kids with me. It makes me extremely grateful for drive thru’s. I think everywhere should have a drive thru! 

Today I had to drop off paperwork at an office. It took an hour to get out of the house, and my daughter always chooses the most opportune times that she has to go to the bathroom. She had to go as we were all getting in the van. Then she had to go again once we got to the office building. My younger son can’t unbuckle himself yet, so I had to unbuckle him, but try and convince the older kids not to get out of the van yet. I went to the other side to get my baby. I was smart this time to bring my Moby wrap, so my hands could be more free. I put my daughter in the Moby wrap then I let the other three kids out of the van. I decided the only way to make sure nobody gets hit by a car is to have everyone hold hands. We went inside and had to all go into the bathroom so my oldest could go to the bathroom. I then had to gather everyone up again so we could go up the elevator to the office.

I think the hardest thing for me is the strange looks and comments I get from people. My biggest pet peave is comments like “Looks like you’ve got your hands full!” or “You don’t waste time!” or “You’re a busy mama!” No, really? You don’t say! How about you hold the door open for me rather than just stand there and criticize my lifestyle choices!?

And I realize that it wouldn’t be fair for me to assume they’re all judging me. I’m sure some of them genuinely want to help, but don’t know how. But it’s still frustrating.

So I dropped off paperwork, and then gathered my children once again so we could go back down the elevator. At this point it was past time for my younger son’s nap, and he was crabby! He refused to walk, so I had to pull him by the arm so he would keep walking. Then my kids were fighting over who was going to push the button for the elevator. Then out the elevator, out the door, across the parking lot, and back in the van. By the time everyone was buckled, I had to take a deep breath just so I didn’t have road rage on the way home!

One of my favorite comedy sketches is one by Michael McIntyre talking about how people who have no kids have no idea how difficult it is to have children. That can be found here.

Yet, through it all, I can’t imagine my life without my children. They have taught me the definition of true joy!


One thought on “Running Errands

  1. I’m sure you’ve seen this comedy routine by Bill Cosby before, but it is the best I have ever seen about parenting. A classic! This is just one short clip from his routine called “Bill Cosby Himself”. I would recommend all of it! The part about natural child birth is the best!


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