Public Restrooms

Have you ever tried to bring four kids under the age of five to a public restroom?

Today I had to get something at the store, and as we were about to leave, my oldest daughter said she had to go potty. My oldest son always wants to do what she does, so he said he had to go potty too. I had my newborn in her car seat in the shopping cart, and my younger son in the seat of the cart. As I was attempting to get my son out of the cart, my other son was heading to the men’s restroom while my daughter was going into the women’s restroom. I had to redirect my son to the women’s restroom, then get my other two kids out of the cart.

We were finally in the restroom, and as my daughter was on the toilet, my son decided he didn’t want to use the toilet because he doesn’t like the loud sound of the automatic flusher. With his pants down and his underwear off, he walked out of the stall, and there was another lady in the bathroom washing her hands who got a full moon!

I brought him back to the stall, and my younger son was heading out the door! I got my younger son, and then put my older son back on the toilet. At this point, my older son was screaming  because he was afraid the toilet would flush while he was sitting there. He never ended up going potty.

I helped my son finish and wash his hands, and my daughter washed her hands. My newborn had started crying, but I managed to get my two youngest children back in the cart, and we were finally on our way back out to the van.

I’ll admit it could have been worse. My son could have had an accident. My newborn could have been crying that whole time. My other son could have left the restroom and gotten lost. 

But none of those things happened… this time…I consider that a success!


One thought on “Public Restrooms

  1. This is why they need family restrooms. Unfortunately won’t help with shopping cart. But you are a brave women going out with the little one’s


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