Where is the key!?

My children love to make messes. They are obsessed with the fridge. I have cleaned up multiple incidents of eggs or milk on the carpet. This led me to take some preventative measures.

When my oldest was two, baby proofing materials were enough to keep my kids out of trouble. When my oldest turned three, her pediatrician warned me that those materials won’t be very effective much longer. He was right!

And I have had people tell me that I should simply “teach them it’s not ok to get into the fridge”… Hahaha! Have you met my children!?? They don’t listen to me, no matter what method I use!

I finally decided to get a fridge lock with a padlock. That has worked well for the most part. But recently, the kids hid one of the keys, and lost the other one, leaving no way to get into the fridge. 

We interrogated them last night to hopefully get a confession, or at least some clues. They said they didn’t know where it was, but they kept looking around as if they knew EXACTLY where it was. We taught them of the importance of honesty, we had our family prayer, and then sent them to bed. In the prayer, my husband prayed that we would be able to find the keys, and that the kids would be honest.

Today I swept the floor in the kitchen and found one of the keys! It must have gotten kicked under the fridge while the kids were running in circles yesterday.

About an hour later, I was sitting on the couch feeding my newborn, and my oldest went upstairs and came back with the other key! I asked her where it was, and she said “under my pillow”!

I then helped her identify the good feeling she was having and we talked about how much easier it is to tell the truth the first time.

I mention this because I know that there was a power beyond my own that helped me to stay calm and patient, and to help me teach my children principles that will lead to success in their lives. 

Well… time to make lunch with food from the fridge! 🙂


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