Free Stuff! Part 1

A few years ago when my husband and I were poor college students, we learned the art of garage selling.

Now my husband is a teacher and is making more than he ever has in his life! But we also have a mortgage and student loans to pay off, so we don’t usually have much left after the bills are paid.

Luckily the garage sale skills have come in handy. In the process of trying to save money, the main principle we’ve learned is this:

“If you’re paying full price, you’re paying too much!”

When we moved into our house, we took that principle to heart. Nearly all of the furniture we own was either given to us, we got it free at a garage sale, or we got it at an extremely discounted price.

The other day, we got a free kitchen table with six chairs! The previous owner had pets, so there were quite a few stains on the cushions. I have only cleaned two of the six chairs, but I’m happy with how they turned out.

Here’s the first chair I cleaned. I’m assuming this is the chair that their dog had sat on most of the time.

I sprayed it down with stain remover, and scrubbed.

I then used my spot cleaner. I had to go over it four or five times before the liquid that was being sucked up was clear.

This is what the dirty tank looked like after two chairs.

Here is the dirty water dumped in the bathtub! Yuck!

Here are the two chairs that are mostly dry.

I still have to clean the other four chairs, and they’re not perfect. As you can see in the pictures, one of the chairs has a couple of rips. But it’s not bad for being free. And it serves its purpose. Now we can eat dinner together as a family again!

You can get great deals from garage sales if you’re willing to pitch in a little elbow grease. 🙂


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