Free Stuff! Part 2

Here is the update on the table and chairs. 

We brought in the table. The tabletop is really heavy. My husband attached the legs of the table while I was feeding the baby. He attempted to put the table right side up all by himself, and ended up slipping on the floor. Later, I went to wipe down the table, and realized there was about a millimeter of grime caked on. 

The lighter areas are the grime.

I realized I needed to put the all purpose cleaner away, and take out the big guns – heavy-duty cleaner!

I put a layer of cleaner over the whole surface, and I started out with just a washcloth, but soon switched to a sponge/scrubber.

It took a little elbow grease, but the grime came off! Finally I applied furniture polish.

Here’s the finished product.
With the leaves, this table seats eight people comfortably!

I love finding great deals!

If you missed part 1, you can find it here!


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