Valentines Day

When I was a kid, I would look forward to Valentine’s Day for the mere chance that I would get some candy out of the deal. I was never very popular, so I would only get the valentines that the other classmates were obligated to give.

In high school, the music department did a fundraiser making big plate sized heart shaped sugar cookies. I had the opportunity to be involved in making those cookies and typing up the little valentine messages. A few of the messages were very touching!

As I got older, it became more and more painful to see a bunch of couples exchanging gifts, or being affectionate. I was convinced that I would be single forever!

Fast forward a few years, and I had returned to school, and met the man who would become my husband. We met in April, dated and got engaged in July, were married in September, and our first child was born June of the following year.

I have never had a Valentine’s Day where it was just me and my significant other. I have either been single, married and pregnant, or married with kids.

Our first Valentine’s Day together was still special though. That was the first time I felt my baby kick. I had also attempted to make those yummy sugar cookies!

Now Valentine’s Day is just another day. We may make a delicious treat and have sparkling cider (we don’t drink), but going out to eat is out of the question, unless we want to bring our four kids along. No thank you! We’ll just eat at home. Maybe we’ll watch a movie after the kids go to bed.


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