Awhile back, we bought a case of oranges. We were thinking we would eat them all, but that didn’t happen. I finally got around to juicing them today! As I was juicing, I had a flashback from a few years ago.

Shortly after my oldest son was born, my husband and I were introduced to juicing. We watched a few documentaries and decided to give it a try (my favorite one can be found here).

Before juicing, I was eating Oreos by the sleeve! I didn’t realize how addicted to sugar I truly was!

We were strictly on juice for three days, and then we had soups, then whole food. But the results we achieved were phenomenal! Digestive systems became regular, feelings of depression were nearly gone, asthma symptoms lessened, we weren’t sick as often, and we were able to think more clearly.

And I know what you’re thinking! No, there is no one paying me to say these things. Those were the actual results we saw, and we felt healthy for about a year after that. 

I imagine the reason we haven’t felt as healthy recently is because we have been eating more processed foods and sugar. We’re probably due for another reboot. (Our favorite recipes can be found here!)

But anyway, along with juicing oranges, I decided to juice a few carrots and make an orange carrot juice. The kids love it!

The oranges are all ready to be juiced.

Orange juice is done.
Carrots are ready to juice.
Carrot juice is done.
Orange carrot juice is ready to drink!

I know that juicing isn’t a cure all, but it has definitely made a difference.

Time to plan my next reboot!


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