Spring Break!

Today my husband returned to work after a week of spring break. The school wanted to get some deep cleaning done, so I ended up working forty hours. My husband stayed home with the kids and I worked. I think I got the better end of the deal.

It snowed the first day of spring break!


The week started out alright. Monday I shoveled the snow and drove to work. I was instructed to focus on floors. My husband had the kids help him clean the house as a surprise when I would get home.

Then the week progressively got worse. Not so much for me, but for my husband. Tuesday morning I got a text saying:

“Your daughter got a blue permanent marker and wrote all over the place…and the kids almost broke open the bread for French toast….Where do they find the markers?!?! I can’t even find markers when I want to use them!”

That was the day of my niece’s birthday. I had planned on working a full day, but since the hours were flexible and I had forgotten my lunch, I decided to go to the birthday  party that afternoon instead.

This meant that I would have to make up the hours. I decided to do a twelve hour shift on Wednesday, since the principal would be there.

Wednesday afternoon, I got this text: “Look what I found in the dryer!”

Yes, you guessed it! That’s poop!

Apparently our three year old had pooped in his pants, but put the dirty underwear in the dirty clothes basket without telling anyone. So it didn’t get rinsed before being put in the washer. I was somewhat aware of this, because I found some in the washer, but I guess I missed some as I put the clothes in the dryer.

The next text I received was about the kids fighting, and the one after that said:

“I just had to tell the boys to not stick the tootsie rolls up their noses!”

Meanwhile I was cleaning some classrooms and enjoying my music on Pandora.

Glitter being swept up in the art room!

I decided to do another twelve hour shift on Thursday so my Friday wouldn’t be as long. The text I received that day:

“I need something….not sure what it is….root beer, Oreo shake, brownies, chocolate cake, cookies, peace and quiet…not sure…I have two naked boys that refuse to put clothes on… I’m done… the baby is getting fussy and I just sat down and would LOVE to watch one entire episode on Netflix without interruptions….almost home?”

I chuckled. Not because I like seeing my husband going through what we call “parent abuse”, but because I have had several of those days in a row. It’s no wonder stay at home moms become depressed! 

When I got home Friday night, my husband said “I could never be a stay at home dad!” After a week of physical labor, I thought, “I could never be a full time working mom!”

Saturday we dropped the kids off at Grandma and Grandpa’s house, and we went on a date! It had been a long time since we had been on a date, so it was much needed. It was the perfect way to end a crazy week!


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