When Reality Doesn’t Meet Your Expectations

Today marks a year since my husband received his offer letter to start his first year of teaching. He was excited! He was dedicated! He believed in what the school stood for! But reality didn’t meet his expectations.

I tend to approach each day with high expectations, and every day, I end up disappointed. I plan my day the night before with a huge to do list, and if I’m lucky I might get one or two things checked off.

I keep saying, “Maybe today is the day that my son will decide to do his business on the toilet and not in his pants!” and then I get frustrated when he deliberately will not go to the bathroom.

I finally lay my teething baby down to sleep and I’m about to start doing a project, then my kids run into the room screaming, and wake her up!

I keep telling myself that I’ll get everything done on the to-do list at work, but then I realize there is a tour going on at the school for parents, and the crowded hallways make it so I can’t get anything done.

Why do I do this to myself? Why do I set such high expectations when I know that it’s just a fantasy? 

I fantasize that when I clean my house, it will stay clean for at least a day! But it never does!

But on the flip side, pessimism isn’t the way to go either. I want to say that my husband has instilled in me some optimism rather than pessimism. I don’t jump to the worst possible scenario as much as I used to, so I guess I’m showing improvement.

How do you approach each day with neither high nor low expectations?

Perhaps it’s just something that comes with practice!


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