Moving Adventures

Moving can get very stressful. Luckily we had a great support group who offered to watch our kids so we could pack, and helped us load up the moving truck. I guess I should tell you how it all went down.

The day came when we were supposed to load up the trailer. When we got the trailer, we realized the dimensions were smaller than we had planned. We had the majority of our stuff stacked up in our living room fit to the size of what we thought the trailer would be. As we were loading, things didn’t fit the way we envisioned, but we continued to try and fill every space. We got it all filled and then realized we still had a bunch of stuff. A friend in the community had convinced us to get a truck instead. We didn’t have much money, but through many miracles, we survived.

Transferring our records was quite a trip as well. We couldn’t get our driver’s licenses until they had a certified marriage certificate from the state we were married in. Our marriage license wasn’t enough. It took about six weeks to receive that certificate in the mail. We had to switch over our car insurance, and our bill doubled. We had to get new license plates, and switch over our health insurance. Such a pain! But we’re finally slowing down on paperwork needed.

This will be a memory I will look back on five years from now and laugh about. I’m not quite there yet, but I look forward to that day.


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